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January 14th- June 12th 2022


One in which you are seen, heard, and valued? One in which you get to use your relationship as a vehicle for growth and expansion... while simultaneously feeling safe and loved? 



  • Perhaps you keep calling in partners that can’t meet you fully…. ones that keep checking out, or leave your heart hurting.

  • ​Perhaps you are in a partnership now in which your feelings and needs are not truly being tended to…. and your heart is simultaneously hurting and yearning for something more.

  • Perhaps you avoid romantic love altogether because past relationships have left you feeling bruised. 


  • ​You are not broken. 

  • You do not need to be fixed.

  • You do not have to compromise yourself or your most authentic desires. 

  • ​Your deepest desires are MEANT to be FULFILLED! 

If your deepest desire is for a healthy, loving partnership, in which you are seen, heard, and held FULLY, in which you get to show up as your most authentic self, in which you feel both safe AND expansive… you can have that! 

Image by Justin Follis
Image by Matteo Di Iorio


You can start now. Even if your partner doesn’t want to "work on things". Even if you're single. Healthy Love starts with YOU. 

If you feel unhealthy in love, it’s because you are unconsciously operating from an unhealthy love blueprint. Most likely, you were taught a limiting, false (and in some cases downright abusive) love blueprint. You will repeat this until you repair this. The you that is not fulfilled within your relationships means that a truer, more free, more authentic experience of love is ready to emerge! Follow your yearning. 


  • unwind all you were taught about love that is false, limiting, or no longer in alignment with who you truly are?

  • find your most authentic expression of love?

  • learn how to LIVE as this authentic expression of HEALTHY LOVE.

As you BE IT, you will begin to SEE IT in every relationship. 

Image by Darius Bashar

This is a 6-month journey. During our time together you will: 

1. Discover the distorted love-wiring that is keeping you trapped in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationship dynamics.

2. Unwind each distorted pattern through a powerful healing process.

3. Discover and begin to embody your most authentic, life-affirming love blueprint. 

4. Learn your attachment style and how to best support yourself in moments of insecurity or overwhelm, so that you can move toward secure attachment. 

5. Drop deep into your own Inner Knowing. How to access this at any time, how to use this knowing to guide you to your highest path, your deepest truth and your heart’s most vulnerable expression.

6. End fear of confrontation as you learn healthy communication skills that allow you to connect with and advocate for your deepest feelings and needs.

7. Learn the art of your unique feminine expression. How can you soften AND receive MORE from all of life? Including Love? How can you communicate in a way that magnetizes your partner (and God, Life, Money, etc…) to you, instead of pushing them away? 

8. Use the woo! I mean, this is a *Julie Day's Course* after-all! We're gonna lean into some solid woo-tools, from Astrology, to Human Design, to Visioning, to Dream Time, all to better understand and affirm your most authentic way of loving and being loved.

At the end of our journey you will: 

1. Know more of who you are, more of just how infinitely lovable you are, more of the gifts you bring to any partnership.

2. Have more confidence in communicating the tough stuff, in showing up for hard conversations without abandoning yourself.

3. Be clear on certain aspects of your trauma, and how to care for yourself as you heal these wounded aspects of self. You will also be able to identify your trauma response when it arises within partnership and equip your partner with awareness on what is happening, why, and how to support you in the healing process.

4. Know how to feel into your needs, your feelings, your desires, and how to cherish them as sacred and worthy of being met.

5. Be able to access your intuition at any time, tuning into your own guidance system to hear your truth, to receive support, and to download aligned action steps.

6. Better understand your Divine Design… using Astrology and Human Design to understand your perfect recipe of how you love and feel loved.

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Couple Showing Affection
Romantic Couple
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I grew up with a narcissistic, alcoholic father figure (bless him, for he was very wounded himself). I learned about love from his distorted love blueprint. 

I learned that love was what I did for the other person. I learned that I was lovable when I didn’t take up much space, when I predicted the other person’s needs, when my actions were pretty and non-confrontational. (And dozens more distorted ideas of love.)

I spent my 20’s unconsciously playing out this wounded love blueprint, and being completely shocked at how awful my romantic relationships were. I spent my 30’s waking up to this distorted blueprint, healing the deep wounds within my being, and learning what love was really about (by first learning how to truly love myself). In my 40’s, I finally… FINALLY, experienced Healthy Love within a romantic relationship. It was/is worth EVERY. SINGLE. STEP!

This is why I am so on fire to help you in this area. You can heal from ANY distorted love blueprint. I know this to be true to the depths of my being. You can experience REAL, HEALTHY love. First, within yourself. When you BE it, then you begin to draw it forth in every area of your life, including within romantic partnership. 

And here's a few snaps of me experiencing Healthy Love with my partner of 6 years, Marco...

IMG_3702 2.jpg


This is a 6-month journey, starting January 14th, 2022. It is built to ebb and flow, allowing you time in deep learning, and time to integrate and be. 

The journey is equal parts psychological and mystical. We will move through Imago work, Attachment Theory, Non-Violent Communication, and Feminine Polarity skills. We will *also* use meditation, guided journeys, dancing, praying, screaming under the Full Moon, releasing our old vows into burning fires, journaling, creative art projects, embodiment practices, sacred ceremony, visioning for our highest relationship path, and MORE! 


We meet once a month for a weekend intensive, and then you will be given deep-dives to explore and integrate between our time together. You will also have a practice partner, in which to hold space, and explore these teachings together. 

Each weekend intensive will involve a Friday night private practice for you to move through in your own time, then we will gather via Zoom Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 pm EST/ 9am-2 pm PST.

Intensives will involve group sharing & processing via Zoom, as well as exercises done with a practice partner off Zoom. (So, you won’t be “on screen” for 5 hours straight ;-) 

Weekend #1: JAN 14-16

#2: FEB 11-13

#3: MAR 11-13

#4: APR 8-10

#5: MAY 13-15

#6: JUN 10-12

Closing Circle: 12-3 pm ET, JUL 9



Total investment for all 6 months is $2200, or $375/month. 


Sign up by Dec 14th, and you will receive: 

Pay In Full: Receive FIVE 5 private half-hour sessions to use during our journey. (Total Value: $425)

Pay By Month: Receive TWO private half-hour sessions to use during your journey. (Total Value: $170) 

*ARE YOU FEELING CALLED TO THIS COURSE? To begin,  please fill out the application below, and I will email you to arrange a conversation. In our 20-30 minute chat, you'll be able to ask any questions/concerns you may have, I'll be able to tune into your intention, and by the end of our call, we'll both know if this is a fit for you at this time. 


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Julie is fascinated with the dance of waking up while ridiculously human. She is a Spiritual Teacher/Counselor, and Healthy Love Mentor.

Julie graduated from the Agape International Spiritual Center, led by Rev. Micheal Bernard Beckwith, where she was formally licensed as a Spiritual Practitioner in 2010. She spent nine years at Agape, deeply immersed in learning and practicing the art of Modern Mysticism- from affirmative prayer, to meditation, to visioning, to Spiritual Principle.

Whether through 1:1 Counseling, Virtual Courses, or her writings, her most sincere offering is always to help others learn how to love their human, while remembering how to access and align with something infinitely greater. 

​She currently resides in Greenville, SC with her wizardly partner, Marco. She's a bit of a tarot freak, and in diligent pursuit of the best taco in the world. 



"Through my work with Julie, I was able to navigate one of the most challenging transitions of my entire life with grace and fortitude. I didn’t know it at the time but I was flowing in the deep currents of my first real awakening process. I may not have known it, but Julie did, or rather, she saw that good vibrating through my experience and she lead me powerfully from that knowing. And this is Julie’s ultimate gift, her ability to KNOW on your behalf and to guide you through your curriculum walking in hand-in-hand with your Higher Self and, as she calls them, your “Team in the Unseen.”

Kelly Sue Milano

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