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Free virtual workshop, Thursday, May 4 @ 10 am PT /1 pm ET

We all want to be deeply heard and understood. Yet so often, despite our best efforts to pay attention, we keep repeating patterns of disconnection. We’re afraid to ask for what we need, to reveal our “less evolved” parts of ourselves, to show our vulnerabilities. We feel unseen, unheard and a little less alive than we would like.


How do we navigate those tricky moments, when our shadow is up, and our partner (or friend, or parent) is triggering our deepest wound? How do we hear what is wanting to be heard, both from within ourselves, and from our partner? 


The first step is deep listening. 


  • Do you have the courage to listen deeply to yourself? To your heart’s deepest longing, to your most unsavory feelings, to the needs that scare you to speak aloud? 

  • Do you have the courage to listen deeply to your partner? To set aside any need to dismiss, defend, or deny their experience and truly take in what they’re communicating? 

  • Do you have the courage to listen deeply to something greater? To follow the still, small, voice inside you that is gently encouraging you to follow the path less traveled?


If so, you are on your way to a revolutionary relationship, one which heals, transforms, and ushers you both into your most authentic, aligned selves. 


We call this the heart and soul of deep listening, and we want to teach you the first steps on this pathway. 


Join Relational Coach Cathy Courtenay and Spiritual Counselor/Astrologer Julie Day for a free webinar on the Heart & Soul of Deep Listening. 


In this 2.5 virtual workshop you will learn two essential keys (the heart & the soul) to introduce you to this revolutionary art of deep listening. *The first 90 minutes will be our teaching, and the next 60 min will be a Q&A as well as hot-seat coaching support. Recording sent to all who register.

*You do not need to be in romantic partnership for this workshop!

*You do not need to be live on the call (although the QnA, plus the live coaching will only be for the live attendees)

*Recording sent to all who register!


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