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Hummingbird has an aggressive AF message for you about JOY!

Marco and I have a lush backyard that is home to much wildlife. Many an evening has been spent on our back porch, watching birds come and go Can you hear the Snow White music??! It's been very idyllic and peaceful... until we put up a hummingbird feeder.

Here's what I observed: Hummingbirds are aggressive AF! Tiny lil' beasts that fly right up to my face with those pointy needle-beaks, and gaze directly in my eyes. They seem to be saying, "and who are YOU?!" But, aggressively!

I was talking to a friend on the phone one night outside, while gazing up at a lone hummingbird, high up in the trees. It looked so stately, silhouetted by the early night sky. Out of nowhere, Hummie dive bombs my face!! So much so that I had to duck and scramble away. WTF Hummie??

Given all that.... here's what fascinates me: hummingbirds represent joy.

This is easy to connect when viewing youtube videos of baby yummies, but what the heck was my REAL experience of Hummingbird telling me about JOY?

I took this contemplation on a long hike. In a flash it came to me, and I want to share this channeling below with you. See if it resonates.

“I am your joy. I am here. Here. HERE.

Look at me. Don't look away.

I am here. Here. HERE.

Don't expect your joy to be sticky sweet. I am hunting you down. I want you to look at me and say YES >>> I want you to know that you are bigger than the small world you have created for yourself. I want you to feel your courage, down deep in your bones, to not look away, to not hide or cower in fear... to not settle for less than outrageous feats of YOUness. I need you to FACE this level of JOY and SAY YES.

If you expect me to ask nothing of you, than you do not understand the nature of Joy.

Joy is on the other side of daring to LIVE life outrageously so. I will ask of you everything that you agreed to be and bring here in Earth.

So look me in the face. Allow me to get close to you.

I am not playing small. Why are you?”

Boom! Hummie’s not messing around!

Ok Hummie. I get you now, you aggressive little bugger. I say YES! (And thank you)

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