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Single Chart

Astrology Sessions are power-packed opportunities to learn more of who you are, where you are in your soul's journey, and keys to moving in the direction of your highest path. Whether you'd like an introduction to your blueprint, or assistance with a current challenge, this session can be of enormous support.

Sessions are 60 min, are conducted via phone, and are recorded for you. 

Schedule a Session $199


Single Session

Beyond traditional therapy, I help you  hear the deeper soul-calling that's emerging from your now moment.

During our time, you'll have a nonjudgmental space to feel how you feel, and allow your human to be held. You'll be guided inward to access your deepest guidance and truth.  You'll leave  feeling more clear, connected, and at peace with your process. 

Sessions are 60 min, and are conducted via phone. 

Schedule a Session $175


2-3 charts

This session is a favorite among many of my clients! I will help you to better understand how you and your partner operate, the gifts of your coming together, as well as the challenges. and how to surf these waves with more grace.

Schedule a Session $222


Custom Created Package for You

Are you ready to do the deeper work? Are you feeling stuck, and willing to commit to more than one session in order to support your current challenges or intentions? 

Let's talk! I create custom packages ranging from 3 sessions, to a full year, all based on your needs and desires for growth. 

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