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Spiritual Guidance Counselor

Counseling, Astrology, Affirmative Prayer, Community 

"Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary. There are burning bushes all around you. Every tree is full of angels. Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb. Life wants to lead you from crumbs to angels, but this can happen only if you are willing to unwrap the ordinary by staying with it long enough to harvest its treasure."

Macrina Wiederkehr

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Hi, I’m Julie!


I'm a Spiritual Practitioner (Licensed by Agape International Spiritual Center in 2010) & Spiritual Astrologer.


What does that mean? 


I'm here to help remind you of what is fundamentally true… that right where you are is exactly where your Higher Self would have you be, learning and growing in perfect order. That you are not alone ( In fact, you have a whole TEAM IN THE UNSEEN that is cheering you on and prompting you in your highest direction at all times!). That Life is FOR YOU and never against you. Ya know, those things you know deep inside but somehow forget every time you go through a break up, struggle with finances, or face another toddler (or inner toddler) meltdown.  


I call these practical Life things your curriculums 😉 They're actually HOLY. That’s right, your tough-life-moment is actually sacred ground, taking you into greater awareness of love, connection, authenticity, and more! And, whether I’m looking at your Astrological Blueprint or guiding you deep into your soul’s own wisdom,  THESE BIGGER TRUTHS are what I'm here to help you see and remember. When you know the bigger TRUTHS the practical life stuff unfolds with infinitely more grace. 

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I can help you...



Why can't I seem to move past this? What's the best next step? Should I stay or should I go? Our stuck-ness has a message. What's here for you? What is Life asking you to let go of? What are you being asked to become? Whether I'm looking at your Astrological Blueprint, having you turn within to access your own intuitive wisdom, or guiding you through an exercise, I will help you access the message and find peace with your process.



Who you are is on time and on purpose. Where you are in Life is exactly where your Higher Self would have you be, cracking open to more love, breaking through the fears of lack and limitation, learning how to express more of who you really are. There are Universal Truths that govern our existence. Too many times we stay attached to street-level opinions and understanding... and those keep us stuck in the very fear we wanna get out of! I will help you wake up your own remembering, and align with powerful TRUTHS about who you are and WHOSE you are. This creates a free-er, more graceful experience… and a more fully expressed YOU. 



Having been in a deeply conscious (and deeply imperfect) relationship for the last 9 years, I am in awe of the path of love.... it is not for the feint of heart . Relationships show us our deepest shadows and our brightest of lights. Traditional "love teachings" don't go deep enough for me. I'm interested in knowing my Love DNA, my karma (that shows up as shadows and blocks), my dharma (which must be supported in partnership), and how to best give and receive love AUTHENTICALLY.  Through Relational Astrology, I can help you understand yourself, your needs, and your purpose, as well as your partner's, and how you can better support and serve one another's highest pathway. 



This session is for one person to have a deeper understanding of any relational dynamic, be it romantic, friendship, family of origin, or parent/child. I will help you to better understand how you and your loved one were divinely designed to operate, both individually and together, and how your coming together creates intentional blessings and catalysts for growth.


Soul Astrology Readings are power-packed opportunities to learn more of who you are and who you incarnated to be. I can help you better understand : your purpose, the highest direction for your now moment, relationship challenges, why you might feel stuck, and any current transitions you are moving through. Above all, my mission is to help you understand how you are not behind or lost... you're right on time. 


Spiritual Counseling Sessions are conversations with your own inner knowing. Whatever you are moving through; confusion, anxiety, frustration within a relationship... the answers are all within you, awaiting your deepest listening. That's where I come in... I help you listen to you.



@ PracticalMystics

Over on Substack, I write and pray to help you take the mystical and make it practical. ​You may sign up for a FREE subscription and get instant access to blogs, prayers, New Moon Prayer Trips and more! ​​



"Through my work with Julie, I was able to navigate one of the most challenging transitions of my entire life with grace and fortitude. I didn’t know it at the time but I was flowing in the deep currents of my first real awakening process. I may not have known it, but Julie did, or rather, she saw that good vibrating through my experience and she lead me powerfully from that knowing. And this is Julie’s ultimate gift, her ability to KNOW on your behalf and to guide you through your curriculum walking in hand-in-hand with your Higher Self and, as she calls them, your “Team in the Unseen.”

Kelly Sue Milano

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