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Robbie White


"Through my work with Julie, I was able to navigate one of the most challenging transitions of my entire life with grace and fortitude. I didn’t know it at the time but I was flowing in the deep currents of my first real awakening process. I may not have known it, but Julie did, or rather, she saw that good vibrating through my experience and she lead me powerfully from that knowing. And this is Julie’s ultimate gift, her ability to KNOW on your behalf and to guide you through your curriculum walking in hand-in-hand with your Higher Self and, as she calls them, your “Team in the Unseen.”

Kelly Sue Milano


"Julie is a person whose integrity I have always admired -- never selling you "secret tools" that you have to sign up to a super expensive program to access, she is so generous with what she offers, and transparent in her own gorgeous and messy humanity. Her voice, her prayers, her guided meditations - will LIFT you.

​If you're seeking tools for grounding, for mindfulness, for revving up your Spirit from the muck, please check out her latest offering."

Carmen Leilani


"There really isn't anything I can actually write in a brief few paragraphs that encapsulate all of the major shifts that have happened to me because of her Julie's influence on my journey. Her work is all encompassing- its practical, its energetic, its embodied spirit pouring through her- it is prayer in action!  She can get messy with you while holding the highest spiritual standard.  She is relatable and it never feels she is beyond you- you believe 'she been there too' so there is street-cred to her teachings.  If she has a hit for me to do or open up to- I do it.  The ripple effects of each of those transmissions have put me on a path I am sincerely proud of and continually responsible for in the best fucking way."

Jamie Wollrab


"The peace and joy that I have been given from working with Julie has been such a blessing. Julie has helped me to fall in love with what it means to be truly human with no judgment while awakening to the unlimited gifts of spirituality. Whether through one of her classes, a one-on-one, or diving into her infinite knowledge of astrology; she never ceases to amaze me and always knows what support I need in that moment. She is the most authentic and loving person I have ever met."

Catherine Donovan


"I’d always been interested in astrology, but every time I tried to learn about it, I’d get confused because I didn’t understand the language and then turned off by what often felt like a doom and gloom perspective on how the stars were affecting our lives. And then I met Julie Day. How she spoke about the very basics of astrology blew me away, she made it all so accessible, practical, and easy to understand."

Teri Wade

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