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Antsy to move forward? Feeling stuck, instead? Here's what to focus on...

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

You are safe to stay with your learning... which usually looks like a challenging relationship, a boss who doesn't "get" you, financial woes that keep cycling around and around again, etc...

You can *try* to escape it. You can hit the eject button, you can quit, you can hire that super expensive coach with allll the promises for a better life. But if you are doing "the work," that is... working on your inner sanctum, cleaning up your limiting beliefs, owning your projections, upping your vibe toward all that you are saying yes to... if you're doing this work, then you are safe to stay with what is.


When you finish your learning, you are swiftly moved into your next learning. You don't have to push the river. You don't have to strategize, or summon all of Creation on your behalf... it just happens. And often with a swiftness that is dizzying.

But, until you are done with your learning, you can do ALL THE THINGS, you can push with all your might, you can summon Heaven and Earth, and your curriculum won't budge. Why are you safe to stay in your learning?? Because it's a blessing. Because it is growing you INTO the thing that you have prayed for. Because it is clearing karma that you agreed to clear, and that will balance out lifetimes of gunk in your karmic trunk. Because it is freeing you into your greatest yet to be. And you want that! Your Higher Self knows what it's doing. Your human self is mostly blind in your travels, but ohhhhh it is so precious and mighty to keep going! SO KEEP GOING!

You are safe to stay in your learning because wherever you find yourself is exactly where your Higher Self would have you be, learning and growing toward something that is FOR YOU, and never against you. The way TO the fulfillment of your desires, is THROUGH whatever divinely designed curriculum is in front of you. Breath it in. I know curriculums are challenging. AND WE ALL GOT 'EM! Get support. Be kind to yourself. Affirm: this... yes, even this... is for me. I can trust this now moment. I am safe to be in this learning.

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