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Everyone’s Terrible and Awful and Amazing and Perfect.

In case you didn't already know... I'm a spiritual counselor. I pray and meditate every day for myself, and with others. I’ve devoted my life to understanding Spiritual Principle and Universal Law. I’ve had profound experiences in meditation, I’ve experienced instant healings, I feel my angels on a regular basis, and I get massive intuitive hits and visions that lead to wonderful openings and pathways... And... when Marco and I broke up within our first year together, I cried for three months solid, questioning my ability to trust myself, God, or others. I ate cheesy, greasy pizza, and drank wine... by myself. I annoyed my girlfriends with a voracious need to process what happened, and I wore my sunglasses everywhere because I could barely manage to look people in the eyes without crying. Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that I am a perfectly imperfect human, just like you, and just like the whole gang of us. We are all on the same Earth-ride. We are all wearing human suits. We are contracted, by choice, to experience and grow through certain Earth School curriculums, and these often come about we are broken down, or pushed to our edges. This is the part that usually looks messy, embarrassing, and imperfect. And, this is the part we try to hide.

Why do we do this? I have so many clients that come to me in shame for their very human emotions or their experience. I hear this all the time: “Woh, I just put a lot on your plate.” “I must be the messiest client you have.” “Every time I come here, I say I won’t cry.... then I do.” “You must think I’m crazy.” “I’m so embarrassed that I’m still working on this.” Do any of these sound familiar to you~ whether you’ve said them to your friend, your coach, or your counselor? Well, guess what? They are familiar to me, too... in a personal sense! I’ve said similar things to my practitioner. And it’s a load of self-diminished, egoic crap!! The only reason we ever try to hide our mess is because we still believe in a perfect, idealized self that one day we will become. And it’s a big fat myth. No matter who you are, no matter how deep your spiritual practice~ you will still poop, cry, yearn, fear, love, fall, get up, and try your best to do better... and on and on the human journey goes. This is true for everyone wearing a human suit~ no Ekhart Tolle exceptions, no Glennon Doyle exceptions, no Oprah exceptions, no perfect-you exceptions. Our spiritual practice will not stop us from having this unique experience of being human. It will break the fall, and enable us to find our center a bit faster than before, and perhaps create less drama and suffering... but human-ness still happens, and messiness occurs. My spiritual practice is not a magic pill that has taken away all of life’s messy parts and created some mythological unicorn version of myself. I have moments of tears and sorrow that close my heart. I have moments of fear and hesitation that shatter my sense of security. On the surface, it looks messy, but this is my soul’s perfect way of learning the deeper stuff. The good news is... you are not your human-ness. You are the perfect spiritual being experiencing your very imperfect human-ness. The messy imperfection is just a temporary experience. What emerges from deep within us because of these experiences... this is the Spiritual journey. We have these Earth adventures where we get to grow love, compassion, peace, abundance, and so much more! Are you on an adventure of learning about abundance... and that looks like “I can’t pay rent?” Perfect. Are you on an adventure of learning about love... and it looks like, “Why won’t anyone love me?” Perfect. Are you on the adventure of learning compassion... and it looks like, “He betrayed me.” Perfect.

The ego wants to say you’re messy and a failure, and not getting it right. But the soul knows that something wonderful and perfect is unfolding right where you are! So go ahead and claim for yourself~ I am perfect, right now! What you are experiencing is perfect, right now! The snot coming down your nose because you just experienced another break-up: perfect. The red eyes from crying all night over not feeling loved, heard, seen: perfect. The gut-wrenching nerves and anxiety over financial woes: perfect. The foggy-brained confusion, can’t get out of bed, watched movies all week by yourself: perfect. You are perfect in your raw, imperfect human-ness. You are perfect in your soul’s infinite journey. Take that in... and keep walking forward.

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