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Are you over being "spiritual"? You might actually be graduating into mature spirituality.

Immature Spirituality : awakened, bright... and not yet embodied. Often, this is where by-passing happens, where shaming the human-ness happens. But there is also great movement and evolution, there is awe-inspiring remembering, and a beginning to the process. This is a perfect part of the path that, if you stay on the ride, will lead you to....

Mature Spirituality: awakened and embodied. This requires a lot of the "earth walk." Life takes those awakenings and plops you into curriculum after curriculum to bring it down into your human-ness, to sink that consciousness into your flesh and bones. To "mature" one cannot by-pass. The portal is the human-ness. There is humility here, and an appreciation of the grit and dirt of being on Earth... and the fact that it's ongoing. That being said, there is full-heartedness here, as one learns to integrate the higher self with the human self, one learns to honor the human-ness, to walk with the shadow and the light.

I remember my years of immature spirituality, and I do not mean "less than." I remember the angst, the desire to be more integrated, to experience greater flow. I remember the struggle of "knowing" these things, and not being able to "live" them. I remember the shame I felt over my human frailty, over the curriculums that never seemed to end. I also remember the joy of remembering, the ecstatic high of connecting to my angels and guides, and discovering higher and higher truths.

I chose to stay on the path. I *feel* embodied now, and I guess that is the inner call we all get to make for ourselves only.

My ability to love my humanity feels rich and like it's own security blanket that does not waiver or falter. My ability to wield my tools feels tried and true and comfortable. And my walk continues...

But, I don't get as *high* anymore with my talks with my guides, or with rememberings that come rushing through. I don't care to get into late night debates on the nature of consciousness, or the state of our collective evolution.

I have mud on my shoes now and wrinkles on my soul. I prefer to sleep. I prefer to sit by a river.

It is like remembering one's youth, and all that vitality and brightness. There is such a beauty to all stages, there is such gifts, such richness to each chapter.

I felt inspired to share this as I have heard a few people say that they are "over" spirituality, or done with the "love and light" communities. And that's awesome ;) I say that's a good place to be. And, I also think that what one is probably truly over is just one chapter of the soul-path.

OK, my thoughts for this moment. <3

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