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Don't focus on manifesting. Focus on this instead.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The Secret came out in 2006, just as I was entering classes at Agape that would lead me to becoming a Licensed Practitioner in 2010. You guys, I was so spiritual!! (said in my best valley girl voice ;).

I remember digesting The Secret with equal parts inspiration and self-flagellation.

Ohhhhhh... so that's how you get what you want! Amazing, I now have the keys to creation!!

Followed very quickly by....

Shit, I'm doing this all wrong. Why can't I get this right? Why can't I manifest a decent paying day-job/loving partnership/or even money for rent for crying out loud please Universe why am I having to go through this again?!??! I'm a good person, I'm meditating, I'm vision-boarding... why am I the most terrible manifestor ever??!

"Manifesting" drove me crazy (clearly). Any time I invested energy into manifesting, beyond a parking spot, I would inevitably "fail."

Eventually I gave it up. Too much energy invested in trying to get something or reach an outward goal. And, too much energy invested in something that created self-judgment in my system.

Instead, I surrendered. I enjoyed life. I focused on giving over getting. I focused on the magic of creating instead of the goal of the creation.

And then one day, manifestation just happened. Not the moment I surrendered, or the moment I "got out of the way." It happened years later... YEARS of surrendering, people. But, it happened. Certain things I had been trying to manifest for years just started to appear with the most effortless grace and ease. Ohhhhhhh, I get it now. No wonder I couldn't "manifest" way back when.

Here's what I discovered about the process that I believe to be essential...and why we should all give up focusing on this freaking manifestation thing (imho):

There's an alignment process that we're all going through. It's perfect, it's part of the beautiful and perfect order of The Universe, of which YOU are a holographic re-presentation. You are aligning with your soul's highest Self and path.

Great, how can I do that faster, more effectively?

Easy there, most amazing Spiritual Warrior! Cool your Ninja jets.

Life is already supporting you in reaching your alignment. It is doing so right now, in the best way possible for you. You are being escorted to your perfect curriculum each step of the way... to see the junk in your trunk, to release that which is not supportive to your intentions, and to align with that which is.

Life is already supporting you in this. Life is carrying you. You are held. Right now!

You are not getting it wrong. You are not behind. You are not failing at manifesting the life of your dreams.

You are right on track! (RIGHT NOW!)

The reason you're not manifesting "that job" or "that relationship" is because you're not yet at the stage of alignment where you vibrationally match the amazingness of what you are calling in. BUT... BUTBUTBUT... it's not because you're somehow getting it wrong, nor is it time to whip out your shame hat over not being that vibrational match yet. It's because you're cooking up something ridiculously amazing that takes a minute to work up to. AND THAT'S PERFECT AND WHAT WE ALL GO THROUGH!

You're alignment has it's own perfect cooking time.

Canned soup takes a few minutes to warm up. Homemade soup of the highest order, takes all day.

Burgers take a few minutes to cook. Beef bourguignon takes all day.

You get my vegan/carnivorous drift. I'm willing to bet all my gold dabloons that you are not here to have a canned soup career, or a fast-food burger relationship.

You are right where you are supposed to be for this amazingly precious, high-vibing creation that you are calling forth and aligning with.

Once you reach a divinely appointed marker in your alignment, manifestation just happens. Why? Because Life is ALWAYS supporting you. It's supporting you in seeing your gunk in the trunk in order to align, and then it supports you in expanding and amplifying once you've aligned. Wherever you are is perfect, and you are supported.

When aligned, there's no need to vision board it, other than to have fun and clarify your focus. There's no need to pray for it, other than to feel supported and activated. There's no need to vision on it, other than to crystalize the steps you're being asked to take. And there's no need to freaking "manifest."

Alignment = grace and flow.

Trust the timing. Keep cooking. Let Life take care of the details.

How can I support myself in aligning?

Great question, Ninja. You just don't stop, do you? I totally get you ;)))

Three answers come to mind...

1.) Trust. Get out of the way. Surrender. There's a Divine timing to all this that sometimes has little to do with your individual path and everything to do with the web of life that you are co-creating alongside. Yay! That means you can toss aside self-flagellation, self-loathing, and self-judgment.

2.) Follow your highest resonance. Don't follow what the world tells you will create happiness or success, don't follow what your shoulds tell you, nor what your inner critic tells you... Follow your Highest Resonance. Get in your home-frequency, your high vibe (and yes, this ebbs and flows on purpose. Awesome, keep at it).

3.) Stay vigilant to all limiting thoughts/beliefs that stand against that which you desire to create/experience. (I don't know enough yet, I have to have 10,000 instagram followers before I submit my book proposal, etc...) Bust them as the lies and limitations that they are. Forgive yourself for believing them as true, and then annihilate them. Replace them with higher and higher truths.

The above is a great recipe for soul-support throughout your aligning process.

Keep Cookin'!


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