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Why you're awake, but not yet where you want to be.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Do you feel awake and aware... doing your practice, choosing to be a good soul in this world, contributing in good ways to others... and still not being able to "take flight" in some way, shape, or form?

Does the degree of wakefulness you experience within not feel reflected in the outer world. Why am I not flying? I have these giant, beautiful wings?!?!?

You, my dear, are not failing or getting things wrong... you are in a Process of Alignment. If you have said YES to living your life on the edge of consciousness, you will, undoubtedly, move through SIGNIFICANT periods of alignment. It is different than the awakening process, and deserves to be talked about. What does the Process of Alignment look/feel like? It will feel, at times, so frustrating: Why am I still struggling with money? Why can't I call in meaningful partnership? Why can't I gain traction in my career? Why am I still struggling with this health crisis? And then sometimes it will feel devastating: I am doing everything as I am guided!! How could I call in someone betraying me like this, again?? I'm doing such good in this world! How am I unable to pay my rent... again? I want to give in such big ways!! Why did I get knocked down by this health crisis... again?!? This particular set-up can induce deep rage, or deep shame... depending on which way your ego likes to go. This is the Process of Alignment. It is not here to torture you. Yes, others who have chosen the less awakened path do not seem to struggle with this. Yes, it might seem incredibly unfair, or confusing, or even cruel. But it is not. It is none of those things. It is FOR YOU, not against you. It is FOR your highest, most blissful, authentic YOU life expression. The Process of Alignment is here to roto-rooter your wounded ego-body until you are cleared of everything that is false within your being. The Process of Alignment will burn away every limiting belief, every old paradigm box, every thing that is not fit for your most expansive journey, your highest path. The Process of Alignment is to bring you to the absolute core of your most authentic self... not 98% or 99%, but 100% authenticity. The Process of Alignment is to teach you to turn, again and again, to your Higher Self/God-Self, and to learn how to act from this very high space at faster and faster increments. And because you are on the edge of consciousness, you have said YES to this process. Why? Because who you are in an aligned state will heal our world, will shift our planet, will rock the cosmos in ways that your not-yet-aligned self can only dream of. And your Higher Self knows it is worth the wait, and worth the journey. You wouldn't have it any. other. way. So, my love... fall to your knees. Rage against God (God can take it). Cry your heart out. Question EVERYTHING. Be in your Process of Alignment. Trust the process (or don't). Let the river of Life carry you. And with each burned away layer, you will feel freer, and freer, and lighter and lighter... until lift-off happens. And the flight of your fully aligned self will feel like exactly what you've always known it would feel like~ peaceful, homey, true, miraculous, FULL, sparkling, expansive, gleeful, YES~ all of that, and more. I'm not saying this is an end point to your journey. Alignment processes happen every time we stretch and grow into our greater expressions of our self. And, once you are in flight, you will always have the weather to deal with :) But alignment is where it's at. It's what you truly desire, it's the life you are here to live. Hang in there. It's worth it. (You already know this). Light to wherever you are in your process, Julie

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