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How I freed myself from financial stress and found true abundance.

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Why do so many of us spiritual seekers struggle with abundance showing up as financial flow? Why, when we're the ones committed to seeing and expressing gratitude, to looking at our patterns of lack and limitation, why are we the ones who so often fail to prosper with our finances?

First, let's strip off the shame layer. If there's any present in your system, let it go right now. You are right where you are supposed to be. Ain't no room for shame in the abundance game.

Second, allow me to share some of my personal journey here. You might recognize pieces of your own within this.

Up until I turned 38, this was a HUGE source of anxiety and struggle for me. It made no sense~ I had committed my life to doing good, to looking within, to healing and wellness.... for myself and others. On top of that, I was focused on creating an abundant life from the inside out. Why was I the one flailing when other, more self-focused friends of mine prospered? I didn't get it. What was I getting wrong?

Seek and ye shall find ;) As I looked inside for all that which was not in alignment with prosperity consciousness, I found aplenty:

There was the "I'm not good enough" pattern deeply embedded in my subconscious. As I limited myself, that was reflected back to me as lack and limitation in my financial affairs.

There was the co-dependent pattern of prioritizing other's needs over my own. That showed up as caring too much for my client's wallet and not enough for mine.

There was the fear of rejection. The fear of failure. The fear of my own power.

Eventually, it was all so easy to see: Life was not punishing me, life was REFLECTING me... to a tee.

It didn't matter how much I practiced gratitude, or knew about the abundant nature of God, or prayed to know more financial flow. "God" couldn't hack the system and by-pass the laws of creation. As within, so without. My own internal patterns/beliefs, by law, created my experience. My prayers and my gratitude were not magic pills to make disappear an entire incarnation of stuff in order to bring about instant abundance. They had no chance of getting past my own BS! But, they weren't ineffective either. They worked to shift my vibration into the abundance frequency I was calling forth. In doing so, they acted as the grease to get those unconscious beliefs up and out~ they worked to out that which did not align with what I was calling in.

After YEARS of conscious, intentional work to experience financial flow.... I actually gave up. That was my next step. There's no miraculous demonstration to share with you here. I simply gave up trying. I gave up focusing on my bank account. I gave up being fixated on "fixing" my worth or my value.

A funny thing happened in that giving up phase... I gave up working so hard to achieve something, or to get something. Instead, I enjoyed life. I let myself be me, without judgment or compromise. I gave up financial shame and I just freaking embraced being where I was.

Gratitude became easier, joy flowed, ease and grace took over. And the means would always appear. I was always, always, always taken care of. I would donate a freebie to a client, and I'd be surprised with dinner out on a friend. I said yes to putting my life in storage and moving across country~ friends donated dishes to fill my kitchen, while Spirit led me to goodwill as soon as the most amazing mid-century dresser came in for a whopping $10. A friend gave up her gently worn Dansko clogs, just as Fall was approaching and my LA flip-flops were due for retirement. I was ALWAYS taken care of... even with shoes for heaven's sake!

And so I trusted that, leaned into that, and let the river carry me. This was my set-point for about 4 years, and it never failed.

And then, out of seemingly nowhere... financial flow started to happen. One client would buy a package, then two more would sign up, then another would sign up. It was like a dam had been unstuck, and all of life gushed to show me a whole new experience of abundance.

I was finally a vibrational match for all those Julie prayers for prosperity!

It took me ten years to line up my inside world with prosperity consciousness, enough so that I began to experience a sense of overflow and abundance in the outer world of effect. TEN YEARS PEOPLE!! Worth it, yes.

But you know what was the most valuable part of it all ... those 4 years of trust and surrender. Living in the mystery and trusting that I was cared for is a ninja skill I am beyond grateful to have. That is now unshakeable within me. All this outer stuff can come and go as it pleases, there is a rock of "all needs met" consciousness that has formed within my being and it is immovable, it is unafraid, and it is grateful out the wazoo.

So, here's what I know to be true for us all, but particularly if you struggle with the money game, too:

1.) You are right where you're supposed to be.

2.) Your prayers, your intentions, your visions for prosperity are working!! They will land as your outer reality... eventually. Be patient as they uproot everything internally that stands against your prosperity.

3.) All your needs ARE ALREADY MET. Always and in all ways.

4.) Life is working FOR you, not against you.

5.) What you are currently experiencing is not a punishment, it's a reflection. Don't use this to shame yourself, use it to empower yourself. Catch the reflection. Rewire your abundance matrix.

Want a helping hand with your prosperity consciousness? Get this book and work through it diligently: The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. It will teach you everything you need to remember about your true abundant nature.

Grateful out the wazoo :)))))


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