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Love your human. (<-- my first blog post from 2005!)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

**I wrote this piece wayyyyy back in 2005/2006. That's a whopping 15 years from where I sit now. It was my first experience with how horrid it felt to spiritually bypass your human-ness. Little did I know, this one message, LOVE YOUR HUMAN, would be my deepest & most profound learning. It would also become a beacon of light, my main message I shared with others as I became a Licensed Spiritual Counselor, a teacher, a course creator, an author. This one message remained... LOVE YOUR HUMAN. It kinda says it all. Below is the original post. <3**

I go to a Spiritual Center that is full of folks with impeccable languaging skills. We pride ourselves on this. We do not have problems, we have challenges. We do not have bad days, we have days out of alignment. And we never guess on things, we intuit. We greet each other with the following phrase, “Life is good, yes?!” Most members wouldn’t dare respond with a simple “yes,” but rather enthusiastically assert, “absolutely,” or, “always!”

Most days I am a gleeful participant in this, but I have a secret to confess; every now and then I can’t stand it. I find myself needing my dirty, gritty human-ness like a child who needs it’s snotty, old blankie. I crave it. I need to get down and dirty and curse. I need to say that I’m a mess, that I’m having a bad day. I need to ask for things and cry for things and say things that aren’t positively affirming my indwelling Godliness. I need to say the word need, without it implying that I am in a state of lack mentality. I need to be pissy and sometimes angry and sometimes resistant to this whole notion that I can have anything I want if only I align my chakras, intentions, and interior thought patterns. I need to say, “Why me?” and eat too much chocolate, or cheese, or chocolate covered cheese. There is something so haunting about this to me. Once upon a time, I lived the idea that negative or uncomfortable emotions meant I was far from being a Godly person, that I was far from being truly spiritual, or noble, or healthy even. I judged myself and loathed myself and stuffed the emotions down thinking surely I could rise above such lowly feelings. But they persisted like orphaned children crying out for a loving home. What if, instead, I looked at them, and loved them, and told them it was okay to be messy for a while, that I would provide them a warm home with lots of love and dinners of cheese covered chocolate—would they then blossom before my eyes and show me something of myself I had not seen before? If I gave them space to breathe and speak to me, what would they say? It’s as if this human experience is just so incredibly precious, and by missing parts of the human aspect, we can miss part of the bliss. By telling ourselves that we are not allowed anger, or sorrow, or depression, or frustration, we are essentially choosing a very black and white world where we are either good or bad, right or wrong, saint or sinner. What if the Divine lives in the human-ness? What if we don’t need to transcend the human form and all it’s flaws to obtain the love and peace of a God that is outside of us? What if God is within? God is as each and every one of us. God is the energy that sustains us, breathes us, lives through us. Yes, even on a bad day. Even through sorrow, through anger. There is no separation. We are an extension of this. Like rays to a sun, we are connected to this and made of this in our entirety. A sun beam can’t not be sun. We can’t not be Source Energy. Perhaps this is why we are here. We are not here to transcend this human state. We are here to BE human and recognize the divinity within, not without. We are here to have a very human experience, warts and all. We are here to be our human self, nothing more, and certainly nothing less. We are here to express our many colors. What if we learned how to love and accept them all?

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