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Your Higher Self is giving you signs non-stop. Are you listening?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Did ya know this? Are you plugged into the practice of listening? And most importantly… are you following them down to the teeniest, tiniest of prompts??

Following inner prompts often feels like a red light/green light game with Higher Self. Red lights are when you are told to stop. There’s not optimal alignment, yet. Don’t pursue that path. Pause on what you’re creating/doing. They are time-outs from your Higher Self.

Green lights are when we have reached alignment with something, and are told to gogogo! Everything comes alive with energy, and things come together with little effort.

Green, of course, is fun! Gogogo~ yassss! That syncs up well with what the world tells us. It’s easy for our ego to relax and allow in that green light state. Reds, however, are challenging. I’m supposed to stop… now?! Really?! But, the world says… my friends say… my ego says…

It's not easy to go toe to toe with a whining, fearful ego ;-) I’ve found, though, that if I can follow the prompts, if I can truly and courageously follow them, even the red ones (especially the red ones!!)… magic happens, synchronicities happen, and things get done with heaps of ease and grace. When I don’t follow them, when my ego takes over with fears, insecurities, or shoulds…. the journey turns uphill. I suddenly feel effortful, fatigued and outta that river of magic.

If you're feeling a lil' confused, that's perfect! This is masterful stuff! It takes practice and dedication.

I want let you in on my latest Red light/Green light game. Perhaps you’ll recognize your own journey in this… or perhaps you’ll better understand how your Higher Self has been trying to give you those prompts!! And lastly, I hope it gives you the confidence to follow your prompts! ;-)



Chapter One:

Julie: Ideasideasideasideas. They flood my mind with creativity and inspiration. I prioritize them. I make a mighty fine list. I think I do quality inner listening. Something, though, feels lukewarm. What is it? Is it laziness? It is the Lunar Elipse? Am I doing something “wrong” that needs to be shifted? Am I out of alignment somewhere? Hmmmmm…. I decide to follow my “list” anyway and see where that goes.

Higher Self: JULIE STAHHHHHHP! Stop. You don’t have all the info!! Stop being such a Mars in Aries. Oh geez, now there’s that ego getting insecure, thinking you’re messing up. JULIEEEEEEE~ you’re actually ahead of schedule!! Stop, go take a yoga class, enjoy the sunshine!! OK, we see you’re not yet trusting this. We’ll make it more obvious!

Chapter Two:

Julie: I sit in a cafe to do computer time (which is following my list, and pushing against my inner promptings). I get tired. I have zero energy. My writing falls flat, I can’t seem to get in my flow. (Red light!) OK. I get it. The list is not happening today. It’s a beautiful day, I go for a hike instead~ I feel great now!

Higher Self: YASSSSS!!!! High fives!!! Alrrrriiiiiight, lady, way to listen!!


Chapter Three:

Julie: Still no productive energy. Still no flow. Red Lights everywhere. Shit~I have stuff to build! I have things to do! Only X weeks until the next term~ and we’re building so much more this round!! I gotta DO, I gotta go! What am I doing wrong, what am I not seeing?!

I write anyway. It doesn’t feel good. I recognize I’m pushing. Still, though… I gotta get stuff done!! Crap, I know that’s just mental BS. I vision, I meditate… I get murky things that don’t add up.

Higher Self: That’s cause it’s not time yet!! It’s on its way, but you’re going to have to wait! Sorry, love, you are also needed by your family for another assignment, ok? Green light to go there now!

Chapter Four:

Julie: Deep things start happening with my family. I feel so tired and “offline.” I think I need to tackle all this biz stuff, but the energy is just dead. OK, I hear you, Spirit. I’ll rest. I’ll pay attention to my family. I surrender and I show up where I am called.

Higher Self: Thanks, Love. We’re working as fast as we can over here. We hope you feel our love over there… let it in. You’re right where you’re supposed to be!


Chapter Five:

Julie: I went through a powerful process with family that seemed to deepen me in unexpected ways. I’m in a more heart-centered place now. “The list” got annihilated. I’m willing to be in the unknown. I’m back to following my highest resonance.

Seemingly out of the blue, I feel like reaching out to some specific people~ X, Y, and Z. It's crystal clear. I follow the prompts.

Holy shit!!! X just informed me of a whole new technology I didn’t know existed!! This makes everything so so so much easier! I can build this 5 times faster now!!

Higher Self: Buhzactly.

Julie: Oh wow!!! Y wants to work with us!! HOW FUN!! This changes everything!!!

Higher Self: Mmmmhmmmmm….

Julie: Interesting, Z is going in a different direction. This actually gives me a new idea… and it’s a much better idea!! Wow, can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before.

So glad I didn’t spend hours working on this… I would have had to re-do it all!

Higher Self: Well I’m not going to say we told you so…. but, we told you so ;-)

Julie: Ahhhh, and there's that energy I've been waiting for! I feel the wind in my sails... enough energy to do what I am inspired to do~ Green Light. Finally!!! THANK YOU HIGHER SELF!

Higher Self: *blushes*


Your Higher Self is working NONSTOP on your behalf! Everything… everything is FOR you, not against you!

You can trust those moments when you have zero energy to follow the world’s recipe for success! You can trust those moments when you get a red light from the Universe. You can trust when Life takes you on a seeming detour from your egoic mind’s agenda. And you can trust that when it is actually the highest, most aligned time for you to take something on, you will know, you will be given everything that you need to activate it, and it will come together in ways that make you squeal with delight!

All Love, Julie

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