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What to do with your deepest desires?

Desires: Hold them, softly.

A year and a half ago, my partner and I were trapped in a trigger cycle that left us both feeling that our potent partnership had turned into a minefield. We couldn't seem to get unstuck, and we were both exhausted.

I loved this man so much, I loved our partnership so much... it was everything I had desired in relationship and more. And so I took this precious thing, and I held it tighter and tighter in my hands. I fought for counseling sessions, I fought for battling our way through... and although I honored the part of me that was willing to work hard, another part had gotten a hold of it, and it was my fear of losing him.

Clutching it so tightly only suffocated it, and eventually we agreed to take a break. I was devastated. Life had wrenched from my hand the very thing I held so sacred. But that wasn't true. Life was FOR my most treasured desire being truly and deeply realized... and it had finally gotten me to let go, to surrender, to follow the highest path.

And that path, although filled with grief and doubt, also became filled with so much light. Unbeknownst to me, it was actually the fastest path to our reunion, it was the fastest path to our healing and the real experience of this manifested desire known as spiritual partnership.

We circled back three months later, and quickly saw that time and space had healed those inner places that mental gymnastics never could. We were better versions of ourselves, and we were infinitely better as a partnership.... and it has only gotten better and deeper since then. Through this experience, I saw so intimately how Life is always holding us and loving us, if only we allow it.

Nothing on this Earth can thrive if tightly clutched. Not you, not a tree, and not your desires.

Your desires are children of the Universe. They are ideas of the Divine that seek expression through and as your life. They are not yours to have and own, they are yours to experience and express. And whether that desire is for a relationship, a job, or a million dollars, the birth of your desire into manifested form is a divine appointment. Can you allow that to unfold in perfect timing? Can you trust that Life will bring you each step you need to take, when you need to take it?

This desire you hold so dear is not a mistake, nor is it frivolous thinking... true soul desires originate in the One Mind of the Divine... the all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present Divine Source Energy. They are holy, sacred impulses of creation, and they are part of how the Divine Itself wishes to experience Life through YOU.

So, it's ok to hold it softly, in fact, that's optimal! Trust each wave that washes over you... from the wave that says take a break, to the wave that says dive back in. Let the Divine dance through you, allow Life to bring your manifested desire to your doorstep. You don't have to control it, you don't have to "get it right." This is a perfect process. You are safe to trust. You are safe to let go.

To your softly held and divinely appointed desires,


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