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You are not getting it wrong!

You are not behind.

You are not f*cking up.

You are right on time with a powerful purpose that is already unfolding... even in your pain, even in your challenging uphill climb.

Life loves you! Life is seeking to love and know itself more fully AS you! And all that is in front of you is the teaching vehicle for you to do just that! See, so it's all perfect. It's all part of the perfect order of Life Itself. And it's not about YOU getting IT wrong... it's about YOU having called in the absolutely most perfect Life-teacher in which to learn and grow more in LOVE! You’re on it, Baby!

  • Find ways to love the animal of your human-ness.

  • Find ways to love the one who doubts, frets, and fears.

  • Find ways to forgive yourself and hop off the shame cycle.

  • Find ways to let in joy that delights you and connections that inspire you.


The moment you fall so deeply in love with your incarnation, is the moment you will be the most free. Do not seek to escape your human-ness. Seek to LOVE it with all your being-ness. Love your toes and your woes. Love your desires and your quirks. This incarnation is only a blip, it is only a single skin you chose to wear and experience... and it is your Holy Grail, your Divine Appt to BE this sacred, singular skin, this one-of-a-kind creation. You have chosen to experience God as YOU... so do that! Everything else will unfold from here, everything else will come together and make sense from here. Love YOU!

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